3 Oldest Buildings Of The World You Did Not Know

Our world is a true architectural masterpiece in every sense, not only in terms of living beings but also in terms of physical wonders that man-made. When we think of architecture, especially the ancient one, we think of Egyptian Pyramids primarily but there are other buildings that are old as well.

While you can read about the architecture, principles, tips and more like this here, we have prepared the 3 oldest buildings in the world you probably did not know about! To be honest, we also did not know about these and that is why we have decided to write this article.

Megalithic Temples Of Malta

These temples in Malta are built somewhere between 3600 BC and 700 BC and these are marked as the oldest physical structures on our planet. What is interesting is that these were built on a few different locations across Malta and each of these has its pieces of the unique design and features.

Carisbrooke Castle
Carisbrooke Castle England

While the walls are made of orthostates, the main difference is in the number of chambers. Also, the space that is between walls contains loose stones and dirt where the exploration teams find pieces of pottery from that time. The outer parts of walls are made of coralline limestone, while the interior decorations were made of globigerina. Today, the temples are under Heritage Of Malta protection.

The Cairn Of Barnenez

The northern-west part of France has a specific area called the Cairn Of Barnenez, which is a monument from Neolithic age and it is one of the oldest monuments in Europe as well. It is 72 meter long and it stretches on 25-meter area, while reaching the height of 8 meters.

The history tells that the monument survived two construction stages, where the first one started in 4850 BC and ended in 4250 BC, while the second stage started in 4450 BC and ended in 4000 BC. Slate and granite were used for making the chambers that are connected with passages. How massive this building is tells the fact that one cubic meter of this wonder has 1500 kilograms of stone!

Knap Of Howar

Knap Of Howar is a Neolithic example of a farm that was placed in Scotland at the time of 3700 BC to 2800 BC! It has two rectangular buildings that are facing the sea. While the evidence is not so clear, the researches show that the first building served as a house for the family that lived there and the other building was used for storage or a workshop.

Temple In Japan
Horyuji Temple near Nara, Japan

Both buildings has dimensions of 10×5 meters, where the upright slabs divided these two. The living still has stone beds and shelves that are preserved to the day. The building also has the holes in the slabs, which probably confirm the fact that the roof was made out of turf, which was raised above the walls. With 16 meter high walls, it is not a small building, especially for that time.