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Architecture is of great importance to our society. There are numerous reasons why it is so. First of all, we can look at architecture as the art that we can use to shape our physical environment that we all tend to live in. On the other hand, different styles of architecture are the cultural expressions of different civilizations and particular era those civilizations lived in. There are great cultural and historic values hidden in the art of architecture that can speak volumes about our society. It is like a cultural heritage that future generations can interpret and understand in order to comprehend the events before their time.

Architecture is capable of outliving us and it is directly responsible for leaving countless monuments of historic value all around our globe. It helped to shape us as a species and therefore it has precious value to us. Therefore, this is where numerous related links to various architecture websites will be provided in order to spread the cultural knowledge about the wonders of architecture and how it helped to shape our world and society that lives in it. It is safe to say that architecture is one of the greatest human achievements.

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