The origins of architecture

Architectural history is very diverse and many experts and specialists agree that it is impossible to avoid mentioning a classical text that is considered to be the mother of the architectural treatise. Such text is called Vitruvius’s De Architectura libri decem and it predates from the ancient Roman Empire during the era of the Roman Emperor Augustus.

Many agree that is where we can find the roots of all architecture and any other preoccupation that was characteristic for architecture. The manuscript itself was discovered in 1414 by Poggio Bracciolini and ever since the fascination with this discipline and its origins continues to exist. Architecture used to be called simply the art of building in the past before it got a bigger philosophical meaning that related architecture with the dawn of civilization.

The very first origin related to first humans getting together, starting to communicate and eventually build and construct the very first forms of shelters by using the environment around them and the materials it provides. That is how the very first architectural endeavors such as excavating caves and arbors with tree boughs came to be. The more they constructed, the better they became at it and soon their needs exceeded mere sheltering.

More than art, more than science

Architecture historyThat is how they managed to progress towards perfection in building which eventually, after so many years, led to what we know as architecture today. What is really interesting is the fact that architecture varied a lot from one region to another. Depending on how the civilizations were evolved, their architectural abilities greatly differed.

Some civilizations were far more evolved than the others and their architecture was far more advanced. With the evolving and advancing of civilizations, the art of building also evolved and advanced up to the point where builders started paying more attention to the luxuries and comforts of civilized society. In that time, the needs of civilized society became greater and more profound so the builders started working with various other artists and specialists in order to give the society what it needed.

That is how architecture evolved, even more, becoming a lot more than just the art of building. Today, we refer to architecture as both a form of art and science. The truth is that architecture is extremely important for the history of our society and our identity as a human race.